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  1. Title 76
    Title 76
  2. Title 75
    Title 75
  3. Turquoise & Silver
    Turquoise & Silver
    Lightening Bolt Bracelets
  4. Travis Good
    Travis Good
    Spring Fling metal sculpture $180
  5. Travis Good
    Travis Good
    Reflections Framed Metal Sculpture $950
  6. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Devils Reflection Framed Oil on Canvas $285
  7. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Garden Creek Falls Framed Oil on Canvas $250
  8. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Liza Jane - 20 X 20 Oil on Canvas $450
  9. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Sea Sediment Jasper Necklaces on Sterling Silver $30
  10. Dragonfly Lady
    Dragonfly Lady
  11. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    Large Square Platter / Wyo License Plate
  12. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    Aspens #2 Matted and Framed $250
  13. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Mule Deer Pair on Wood Door $500
  14. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Wire Wrapped Stone Necklaces
  15. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Sushi Plates
  16. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Brown Geo Glass Art with Stand $225
  17. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    Green Pitcher $90
  18. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
  19. Sally LaBore
    Sally LaBore
    On Golden Pond Framed Oil on Canvas $850
  20. Sally LaBore
    Sally LaBore
    Circle Park Aspens Framed Oil on Canvas $700.
  21. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Lapis and Turquoise
  22. Wayne Roadifer
    Wayne Roadifer
    Yarn Bowl $69
  23. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Dominion Airbrushed Watercolor, Framed $395
  24. Wayne Roadifer
    Wayne Roadifer
    Inlaid Bowl with Coral and Black 105.
  25. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    "Huff & Puff" 28" High Mosaic Wolf, Created with broken pottery salvaged with what was left after a Microburst blew Barb's display over during a show. 2000.
  26. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Blue Bird Road with Custom Barnwood Frame SOLD
  27. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Needles, Mesa Arizona Fused Glass with stand $135
  28. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    Large Platter 145
  29. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    DryLand Gray
  30. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    East Dayton Rd 18 X 14 Oil on Canvas $300
  31. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Late for Breakfast Oil on Canvas
  32. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Chick-a-Dee Reunion $125 SOLD
  33. Hans Klieber
    Hans Klieber
  34. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Turquoise Rings - hand made one of a kind sterling settings
  35. Travis Good
    Travis Good
    Teal Fly - Metal / Layered $125
  36. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    $50 black & white (pen & ink)-stippling 125.
  37. Hans Klieber
    Hans Klieber
    We have a collection of original etchings and photogravures on on display.
  38. Barbara Shoop
    Barbara Shoop
    Dayton Sign 18 X 24 Framed oil $310/SOLD
  39. Wayne Ransbottom
    Wayne Ransbottom
    Box Elder Burl $45
  40. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Framed and Matted
  41. Jason Pinter
    Jason Pinter
    Reclaimed Coffee Table165.00
  42. Barbara Shoop
    Barbara Shoop
    Scott Bicentennial Park 18 X 24 framed $310
  43. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Specializing in Elk Tooth Jewelry
  44. Wayne Fahsholtz
    Wayne Fahsholtz
    The King Photo on Canvas Framed $195
  45. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Sterling & onyx ring size 9 - 48.
  46. Barbara Gail Sellar
    Barbara Gail Sellar
    Fun & Functional $95
  47. Karen  Barton
    Karen Barton
  48. Creator of Calm
    Creator of Calm
    Hand Dipped Candles inlaid with local Wildflowers - 30.00
  49. Mioplosus Fish Fossil by W Sheeley
    Mioplosus Fish Fossil by W Sheeley
  50. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    $10 black and white-stippling 75.
  51. Barbara Gail Sellar ~ Dog Paw Pottery
    Barbara Gail Sellar ~ Dog Paw Pottery
  52. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
  53. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Fools Gold $145
  54. David Johnston
    David Johnston
  55. Local Authors
    Local Authors
    Susan Smith Tammy Littrel Joan Feagins
  56. Barbara Gail Sellar
    Barbara Gail Sellar
    3 Platter set $90
  57. Linda Chandler
    Linda Chandler
    Framed un-touched Photos of scenes around the Big Horn Mountains
  58. Joan Feagins
    Joan Feagins
    Sheep Herder's Monument Colored Pencil $195
  59. Dragonfy Lady
    Dragonfy Lady
    Sterling Silver Wrapped Copper Bracelet 105.00
  60. Wayne Roadifer
    Wayne Roadifer
    Juniper Clock $88
  61. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Elk Ivory rings and Pendant - Hand made Jewelry by 90 year old Eddie Donnor
  62. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Bridge at Tongue River Canyon 18 X 24 $285 SOLD
  63. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Cautionary Color Books Yellowstone and Grand Canyon editions 8.95
  64. Dragon Fly Lady
    Dragon Fly Lady
    One of a kind hand made jewelry
  65. Jason Pinter
    Jason Pinter
    Pine Side table 125.
  66. Andy Robbins
    Karen Barton
  67. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
  68. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Awe Food! 12x12 oil $175
  69. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    British Castle Stone Necklace and Rings
  70. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Moose Territory - Framed 18 X 24 Oil $275
  71. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Blaze the Wolf Framed Acrylic $290 SOLD
  72. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Twin Blossoms Framed Pastel $800
  73. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Rainbow Bison - 24 X 21 Framed Acrylic on Canvas $600
  74. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Laura Lou Looks at You- 10 X 14 oil on Canvas $350
  75. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Tongue River Canyon- Frame16 X 20 Oil on Canvas $285
  76. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Through The Gate Framed Oil on Canvas $650
  77. Craig Reichert
    Craig Reichert
    Coffee Table
  78. Wendy Mae Peters
    Wendy Mae Peters
    Rusty Bucket SOLD
  79. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
  80. JoEllen Grotte
    JoEllen Grotte
  81. JoEllen Grotte
    JoEllen Grotte
  82. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
  83. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
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